Doctor Who: Toby Hadoke’s Time Travels

Too Much Information 2.7 - The Rescue (The Daleks episode 7)

July 11, 2022

The Daleks' Masterplan's residence in Happy Times and Places will continue next week, but you probably won't mind the interruption by ...yet more Daleks!

It's time to digest Too Much Information about The Rescue

Not that The Rescue, the other The Rescue. And so at last we get to the conclusion of the very first Dalek story. It's never really been properly assessed this story, as it is such a landmark, so it's really interesting to look at it as an adventure in context with he development of the show. And this is where the programme really began to become a cultural phenomenon - there are loads of newspaper reports and tie-ins with other media, and as a result we hear from William Hartnell himself as well as Verity Lambert and a host of cultural commentators. But never mind what's happening outside the programme, within it there is plenty to cover - an abandoned nuclear bomb, a very different ending, an on set injury and the vexing question of just where to store your galactic conquerers are all on the list of what we can comfortably call Too Much Information...

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